Monday, December 24, 2007


What is it with people that they will use any incident in an attempt to get money for any boo-boo? In this case it concerns a 60 year old man suing an 8 year old boy.

A 60-year-old man is taking an 8-year-old boy and his dad to court, claiming the boy caused a ski-slope collision that left the older man with a shoulder injury.

David J. Pfahler of Allentown, Pa., sued in federal court in Denver, claiming Scott Swimm, then 7, was skiing fast and recklessly when they collided in January, the Vail Daily reported Thursday. The suit claims Pfahler suffered a torn shoulder tendon and seeks compensation for physical therapy, vacation time, nursing and medical services provided by Pfahler's wife, and other expenses. It estimates the couple's losses at more than $75,000.

We're talking about a then 7 year old kid, here, who wants nothing more than to spend a fun day on the slopes.

Scott's father, Robb Swimm, said that he saw the crash and that Scott was skiing slowly and in control.

"It wasn't a violent collision or anything; Scott just kind of tapped his ski boots," he said this week.

Scott's mother, Susan Swimm, said her son weighs 48 pounds and couldn't have been going more than 10 mph. By the way Scott is in the third grade.

"Who in the world sues a child?" she said. "It just boggles my mind every day."

Amen Mrs. Swimm!

Pfahler's Denver attorney, Jim Chalat, declined to comment on specifics but says Pfahler, who works for Reader's Digest, wants to go back to work.

Bah-humbug to Mr. Phafler!

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