Monday, December 27, 2010

Hugh Hefner is in love - again

Is this news we really want to know? The founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, who has reached the ripe old - accent on old - age of 84, is smitten to coin an old word. The object of his affection is one former Playboy Playmate, Crystal Harris, who happens to be 24 years old and a model/singer. He says he's really in love in spite of a huge (my choice of words) age difference. Interesting that in the past, Hugh has always focused his affections on former Playboy models but of course he dates these types because he enjoys their stimulating intellectual rapport. Wink-wink...but I digress.

According to Hefner, he gave Crystal a ring on Christmas Eve while the two were watching a movie. A movie - how exciting - and there's no information about which film they were watching, whether they were eating popcorn or whether Hugh fell asleep. I mean, the man is 84 after all!

The engaged couple met in 2008 at the Playboy Mansion (where else) during a Halloween party. Did I mention that Harris happens to be December 2009 Playmate and served as Playboy mag's 2010 Miss January? In an interview, Harris called living with Hefner at the Mansion 'amazing.' She also explained to anyone who would believe it that she wasn't after Hef for his money. "I have my own career going." Uh-huh...sure...

Statistically and for those people keeping track, this is the 3rd time Hef is marching to the alter. He had been dating twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon while dating Harris. Thinking ahead, when Crystal is 84, Hugh will be 144.

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I like the post Eleanor,

It's just nice to know that no matter how old one is one can still experience those butterfly feelings... or in Hugh's case maybe it's just gas.

I wrote a wee blog about the etymology of lust. If you have a spare minute you can see it here.

Happy New Year!