Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kate Gosselin was not a happy camper but Sarah Palin was!

Like many TV viewers, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was on my TV grid as a program to watch. Seeing the Gosselin brood mature from diaperhood to cutesy performing TV kiddies was fun. The fun ended when the parents started acting like children but that as they say, is another story.

In any case, Kate Gosselin and her youthful brood has moved on and the now glamorous Hollywood-type mom has her own TLC specials. Most recently and definitely not coincidentally, she ended up in Alaska.

Just so happens that aspiring political candidate, nature lover/hunter, Sarah Palin, who hails from Alaska, also has her own TLC TV series promoting her home state.

Kate meet Sarah - Sarah meet Kate. Do you see a ratings boost?

It was a natural match-up when the TLC powers-that-be decided to have Kate and her gang visit Alaska and meet up with Sarah. Thing is, things didn't go exactly as planned.

Some people are outdoorsy and some of us just aren't - I'm in the latter category - and Kate proved that her inner-camper just wasn't 'there.' Initially, Kate and Sarah bond focusing on the bad media but as time goes on, things take a negative turn.

In the way of an introduction to the wild Alaska wilderness, Sarah brings Kate to a bear safety class to prepare her in the event of a personal meet up during their camping trip. To make matters worse, it was pouring rain, which doesn't help one's disposition. Palin, obviously used to the terrain, was loaded for bear unlike Kate who was colder than... Really, cold.

"I'm not worrying about bears right now," she kvetched. "I'm just worried about keeping my toes wiggling 'cause they're freezing."

Hey - as a Canadian, I know where you're coming from, Kate!

The Gosselin kids, however had great fun while Kate took refuge under the tarp and the Palin family being used to the wild, revelled in the experience. After a meal of burgers and hotdogs - the burgers by the way were moose - Kate had enough. This after a few hours after their introduction to the wild Alaska wilderness.

Kate departed with her offspring in tow and Palin, ever the politician and show personality commented: "Well, I thought we were gonna go camping with the Gosselins," she says when it's all over, full of glossy good cheer. "Turned out, we didn't. We had lunch with them on a sand bar."

Oh well - they'll always have Alaska.

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