Friday, December 03, 2010

Not that much strength in numbers, alas

As a blogger with six blogs no less, I've frequently pondered as to who reads my literary output. Now I know.

Relatively recently, Blogger introduced or maybe it was always there and I never took advantage of it, statistics pertaining to the who, what and where of people reading my blogs. There is an option to turn it off if I want but somehow there's a compulsion to know who's "out there" in cyberland. In retrospect, perhaps I should have clicked on the "don't track your own page views" option. Actually, I've never been big on statistics anyway and have trouble interpreting their meaning. What are numbers, anyway, in the big scheme of things? Right?

In any case, statistics indicate that this blog, Gimme a Break, is the most viewed out of the six since IMHO, it focuses on the quirky, irrelevant yet interesting people, places and things that make life interesting. For example, 330 people dropped by for whatever reason for the entire month of November 2010, while in the "all time history" category, there were 648 page views since its inception. Furthermore, people living in the U.S. frequented the blog most often followed by the Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Germany...etc. Your presence was and is much appreciated, people! This is my favorite blog because it always amazes me how many bizarre and interesting things and people 'out there' on planet earth, waiting to be brought to the attention of readers. It's also the blog in which I express my rants and raves and get things off my chest, so to speak.

The next two in popularity is Note to Myself and A. Playwright's Rambling, the latter devoted to my quest to get any of my plays produced and a means in which to express my angst and frustration, thereof. All this is to say - or write - that ignorance is bliss and some things are best left alone. As a blogger the purpose of sharing our views is the hope that someone, somewhere on this planet, appreciates or finds them interesting. The stats are also an indication as to the popularity of a subject and which subjects interest people.

My newest addition is Starting Over, a fiction story focusing on Sheila, who leaves her hockey-crazed husband to start over, hence the title. It started out strong with regular installments but somehow lost steam along the way. Number-wise, 103 people dropped by in total to read the continuing saga, a cross between a romance story and a soap opera, and 14 people dropped by last month. I suppose if the numbers indicated there was an interest, the story would continue. Then there's a gardening blog, Living in Condoville, a light-hearted look that examines the ups and downs of condo living with names changed to protect the guilty,

So there we have it. To look or not to look - that is the question. I mean, how could I not want to know whose reading this?

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