Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol - not exactly the most exciting stuff

I dunno - is it me or is American Idol kind'a - dare I say it - borrring this season. According to the ratings, it's still 'way up there' but from my perspective, I find it yawn-able on occasion.

First of all and again IMHO - the show is missing Simon Cowell or at least somebody who has the same external personna as Cowell. He was the judge we loved to hate or at least dislike, which made the show fun. Also and even writing this seems strange, Paula Abdul with all her 'shtick' and flaky-ness had entertainment value that the show now lacks.

Upon analysis, new judge Steven Tyler looks sort-of - at least visually - like a regurgitated mummy with his thin, somewhat taut skin and definitely showing his age. It's obvious he's attempting to be very cool and hip. He is somewhat entertaining for a short period of time and he does respect young talent...

Jennifer Lopez may be a talented singer but she ain't no Paula Abdul in as far as entertainment value is concerned. She strikes me as a spokesperson for all the major fashion houses who have given her extensive and very tasteful wardrobe. It's as if she's saying: 'look at me - don't I look good in these clothes?' I'm not particularly taken with her - perhaps IMHO, it's that diva personna.

Randy is...Randy is...Randy. The one left-over from the originals. I like the guy but somebody in the powers-that-be decided that he should turn nasty to differentiate his comments from the other two. Go back to being the other Randy, Randy! We (I) miss 'ya!

I've more or less watched the show regularly and on occasion found myself doing the clicker thing, seeing if something more interesting was on. Tonight starts Hollywood week. I'm asking myself do I care. Honestly? Not really.

It will be interesting to see how AI will fare in the ratings dept. against Simon Cowell's "X Factor." Is there room for both?

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