Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breast milk ice cream, anyone

This is one of those short pieces that is somewhat gag-inducing, at least for me.

A London, England restaurant, "Icecreamists" - catchy name - is planning to serve a special and definitely unique ice cream. You've got your run-of-the-mill, average choices like Cherry Garcia, chocolate brownie, rocky road - the common and enjoyable flavors for your average ice cream enthusiast. This particular restaurant will be introducing - wait for it - breast milk ice cream. You read it right, peeplz! Breast milk ice cream!

The flavor is called, "Baby Gaga", presumably after the way babies go "ga-ga" and not after the singer but then again, go know, given this weird concept and premise.

The owner, Matt O'Connor, is confident in his words, "the miracle of motherhood" will be enough to entice ice cream enthusiasts and others (let's leave it at that) to slurp up $23 a serving. I dunno Matt...that's a lot of cold cash.

Ice cream is provided by moms who answered an on-line advertisement in a mothers' forum called, "Mumsnet." One of the mothers who donated her milk is reported to have commented that if adults realized the tastiness of breast milk, new moms would be more than willing to breast-feed newborns. This leaves one - me - to wonder what do these breast feeding mothers give to their babies, if they donate their milk for icecream purposes?

The flavor is a blend of breast milk and Madagascan vanilla pods with lemon zest, turned into ice cream. Still not enough to entice me to even try. Would you?

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