Friday, February 04, 2011

Super Bowl is the Stupor Bowl as far as I'm concerned

This is another of my short and maybe not-so-sweet commentaries or rants, depending on whether or not the person reading this is a Super Bowl fan. For the record - I'm not. To clarify - I don't like football, period.

Every year at this time, football fans (and there are a lot of them) get all psyched up and excited in anticipation of a foot ball game. Not just any football game mind you, but the Super Bowl. To be perfectly candid, I wasn't aware of the teams involved and had to look up this information. For the record, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Right? See? I know now!

Seems that part of the Super Bowl rite is for fans to get together at a friend's house to watch the game as a group, followed by an eating binge including favorites like pizza, chile, cold cuts, beer and a whole lot of other un-healthy but good-tasting stuff. Guessing because I've never attended one of these parties and most likely will never be asked, since my knowledge in football is minimal-to-nothing at best. Also, since I'm a relatively healthy eater and watch my weight, I would have to bring along my own food like a healthy salad or something similar. I mean, how would that go over with football fanatics?

'Oh look - that Eleanor who knows zip about football, brought along her own salad to make us look bad! Who invited her, anyway?'

People don't want people who aren't Super Bowl savvy around, especially if they ask questions like, what is a first down? Or why are the players so vicious towards each other? How else can we learn and now what all the excitement is about?

In any case, I'm hoping to watch those amazing and inventive and very entertaining half-time ads and entertainment that we Canadians don't get to see, because Canadians who are Super Bowl fans are only allowed to see boring and staid Canadian ads. After all - it's the Canadian way.

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