Monday, February 28, 2011

The Academy Awards, same-old, same-old with new hosts

I saw, I yawned and then I gave up. That about sums up the experience last night. For the record, I'm all in favor of changing hosts but not for the sake of changing hosts. They have to have some talent at hosting and propelling a show along. Unfortunately, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, IMHO, did not do it, at least for me. Actually, Hathaway did a decent job and put in a valiant effort but unfortunately was held back by a very stiff and bored-looking, Franco, who seemed as if he wanted to be anywhere but at the Oscars. However, maybe that's his personna. I dunno but he's good on General Hospital, where he makes guest appearances from time-to-time. Then again, on a soap opera they can do re-takes until an actor gets it right. Too bad they couldn't do the same for him hosting the award show. Even when he came out dressed in drag and instead of using the opportunity to ham it up, he was merely...James Franco along with a painful expression on his face that said: "okay - I did what they wanted. Now can I leave?" Perhaps somebody should have granted his request. I read that they wanted young co-hosts that could attract a new and young audience, which is all well and good and understandable. Seems that Franco fit the bill in one way at least, providing tweet updates and photos as the show dragged - and that it did - via Twitter. However, one - me - must ask if that's enough to carry an awards show. Not IMHO. The powers-that-be obviously believe that, though.

In any case the best part at least for me, is the pre-show or red carpet, when the actors are interviewed. Love the fashion parade which has turned into an opportunity for designers to display their work, which in turn is worth big $$$$. Strapless is still the way to go this year. This year on the whole, the fashions were stunning. Can't really pick one designer above all the rest but I do love Valentino and his vintage dress worn by Hathaway. Mind you, Hally Berry in Marchesa was breath taking as was Gwynth Paltrow dressed by Calvin Klein, Mila Kunis in Elie Saab, Celine Dion looking trim-and-slim in a Giorgio Armana frock. One of my favorites was Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuiller - wow!

Once the show began, it was a steady downhill slip until Billy Crystal showed up, greeted with a standing ovation no less, displaying the showmanship and finesse from honing his craft over the years and what an Oscar host is supposed to be like. Bring back Billy! Or if he doesn't want to do it, Ricky Gervais. Actually found the entire show borrrrrrring - and quit half-way through. What happened to musical numbers that included dancing and singing back in the days of yore? While we're on the subject of music, I never heard of any of the nominated songs from the films. Did you?

Why-oh-why do the winners have to go on-and-on-and on...thanking everybody that they ever met during their entire life time? We viewers really don't care! Thank a few key people and then good-bye. It will cut the actual time the show finishes by half.

All that being written, will I watch it next year? You bet. What and miss the opportunity to critique the fashion statements and the endless speeches?

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Dan said...

I've never been much for award shows. I watched one of the music awards shows when I was a teenager, but I think that's about it.

I might feel differently if I were nominated for something (LOL), but to watch what is essentially an awards show for a bunch of people you don't know simply doesn't appeal to me.

I heard that they chose Anne Hathaway and James Franco because they wanted to broaden their appeal to the younger demographic but, reportedly, the ratings for that demographic went down this year.