Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Update: breast milk ice cream no longer available

In case anyone reading this and living in London, England, was toying with the idea of tasting breast milk ice cream - forgetaboutit! Not surprisingly, the unusual treat or whatever you want to call it, was removed from purchase by the public by the London council. What took them so long?

Of all the dumb ideas, this one takes the cake.

The first problem I have with it is its origin in that mother's breast milk is intended for consumption by babies. The second issue is the mothers who would supply the milk, obviously for a price. I mean - c'mon - selling your breast milk? One assumes that the moms who would normally feed said milk to their babies, instead fed them commercial forumla.

The issue that the London council had with the breast ice cream was their concern that the ice cream could spread viruses. Members of the council had visited the restaurant where it was sold (not more free publicity!) and removed all the breast milk ice cream for testing, after being advised that it was being sold to the public.
The fear was that food items made from bodily fluids could lead to viruses being passed on. The restaurant owner for his part, agreed to stop making and serving the ice cream while it was being tested. He dismissed the allegations claiming that the milk had gone through the same screen proceedures as milk, blood and sperm found in donation banks.

Meanwhile, a serving of the breast milk ice cream was going for $23. Wonder how many people actually tried it. Thinking further, why would anyone want to try this particular...flavor, anyway, given all the choice of flavors on the marketplace? No indication whether it will be back as a flavor choice if the test prove the milk is safe.

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