Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Gaga ice cream update: it's baaaaack!

I dunno - this world is getting nutsier and nutsier.

In case anybody still cares or is interested, and in spite of Lady Gaga, the singer's opinion and legal threats, baby breast milk ice cream is back and deemed fit for human consumption. Anybody reading this tried a scoop?

For their part, Lady Gaga's lawyers opined that the ice cream is "nausea-inducing" and the name/flavor takes advantage of the singer's "reputation and good will"

Presumably and pure speculation on my part and having given their opinion, said lawyers must have actually tasted said ice cream. No? In addition, they demanded company bosses change the title to prevent the singer from being associated with the product.

Recently, Westminster Council confiscated Baby Gaga ice cream for testing for quality control. However, the council has given the okay to go ahead and sell the stuff, deeming it safe for human consumption.

Meanwhile, Icecreamists, the ice cream outlet, are considering taking legal action citing damage to their reputation.

Say what? Paying mothers for their breast milk, turning it into an ice cream flavor and selling at a hefty price is ethical and okay? It would be interesting to know statistically how many people have actually bought and tasted the flavor, how much of the stuff was sold and how much money was made. Meanwhile, the owners of Icecreamists are getting a lot of free publicity - and cold cash of course.

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