Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol - the result show - blah

I'm probably like many people who complain about American Idol and the judges, but make sure to watch the show. This year's group of young singers really show promise and can actually carry a tune. Or so it seemed.

For me it's the attraction has been the try-outs and auditions to find or discover the best singers during their cross-country trip, followed by their performances during "Hollywood Week." It's always amazing and definitely sad to be subjected to the very un-talented wanna-be's who for whatever reason, are of the opinion that they can sing, when it's very obvious they are tone deaf but I digress.

The performances this week of the final thirteen contestants was uneven at best and maybe nerves got the best of them. Perhaps, IMHO, there were four who really stood out but the rest were...there. So much for the performance critique.

Last night was the first elimination. Can't fathom the rationale by the powers-that-be for bringing on the first few singers and then eliminating one of them right at the start. Perhaps it was to spare them all the agony of having to wait it out but somehow something was missing. The buildup...the tension...the other words, the drama. When Ryan Seacrest moved over to the safe group, they seemed in shock. He had to actually tell them to be excited and relieved.

Still find this year's judges to be bland. Although I enjoy Steven Tyler as a singer and an entertainer, he seems out of it at times and definitely not critical enough of the performances. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez wears nice clothes. Randy Jackson is the only one who offers an objective opinion on the performances. Sorry but I still miss Simon Cowell but will have the opportunity to become re-acquainted with him in the fall during his "X-Factor" show, which will most likely give AI a run for its money.

Oh yeah - Adam Lambert performed offering some excitement. Great entertainer who got his start and opportunity on American Idol and that in a nutshell is what the show is about.

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