Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dancing with the who? Pass!

Usually enjoy this show and the premise of well-known or people we've at least heard of, or seen their name in the headlines, dancing with professional dancers for our entertainment and votes. Just reading about the list of so-called stars chosen for this year's edition.

Stars - did I say stars? Not!

The only real personality (not star) is Kirstie Alley but in as far as the rest are concerned: who the heck are they and where did they find them? Read a while back that David Cassidy, he of Partridge Family fame, was slated as one of the non-professionals but he must have backed out. Not surprising given the unknown status of the participants.

For example: anybody ever heard of Chris Jericho? No? FYI - he's a wrestler. Or how about:

Petra Nemcova Who? me neither but she's a model.

Chelsea Kane, a star on the Disney channel. How do you say, searching for a younger demographic?

Mike Catherwood - Mike who?

On top of which, the always popular pro dancer, Derek Hough, is sitting this one out. Again, don't blame him.

This is one of the most boring line-ups since the show began. Guess some of the big(ger) names were too busy or something... Neh - gonna sit this one out.

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Al1801 said...

Dear Blog Author
I loves you work, fair dinkum I do, but, must you, must you remind us of the boring shows we're going to get in Oz this year. Please don't tell my Resident Redhead, she loves it; but Dancing With The Stars both your and ours during our winter months: Yeccccchh.

Anyhow, I'm glad you mentioned it, so I can program (pun intended) my scribbling activities so I'm not glued to the box when these shows come on air.

PS: I do have a favorite pro dance partner on our Aussie version: Lovely little Luda Kroitor. Luda, originally from Moldavia, is the reigning five time world Salsa champion.