Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missing Wookie the cat, remains a popular story

Just goes to show the power of the written word.

At the beginning of the year, I shared a piece about a British cat named, Wookie. Normally, a story about a cat wouldn't rate high but what made this story interesting - at least to some people reading this blog - is that Wookie is a missing kitty. As any missing cat owner would do, owner Mike Harding posted posters of Wookie along with a photo in his neighborhood and little did he know it at the time, but afixing posters on trees is a no-no and punishable by a fine. We're talking here about 8 lousy posters. In any case, given the nature of the story and the fact that Mike had to remove his posters by Christmas Eve or pay up, people were upset. Eventually, the powers-that-be most like due to adverse publicity, dropped the charges. For the record, Wookie has been missing since November and still has not been seen or shown up.

As a regular blogger, I've posted a number of stories since then ranging from the deep issue of whether Barbie and Ken, the plastic couple, should re-unite, the horror of seeing Katie Perry without makeup and whether American Idol is a shadow of its former self (I think it is), however... The Wookie piece is by far and still retains more interest in as far as page views are concerned than my other pieces. I mean, we're talking 105 page views as of today and although that may not seem a lot to many bloggers, given that the story goes back to the beginning of the year, it says something about the level of interest people have in animal-related stories especially if people perceive the animal and/or its owner to be a victim of society. It also says something about the power and draw of Blogger and blogs in general.

I've been checking the various news-related sites to see if there are any new updates on Wookie - none to the best of my knowledge - and am hoping that he i.e. Wookie, will make himself seen to someone. Meanwhile, if anybody has any Wookie updates... Obviously, inquiring minds want to know!

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