Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate and William wed - some last thoughts - and words

In the end, I watched Kate and William's wedding. Didn't even need a clock radio to wake me. Went to sleep pondering whether or not to get up but obviously my internal body clock sent a message to my brain to get conscious at 3 a.m. Once up and with the TV playing softly, I conducted a perfunctory scan of the various networks to see which one suited my personality. Sort-of disappointed in CNN although Piers Morgan, a Brit, was witty. Then continued pressing the channel selector buttons and finally ended up with ABC. Since everyone was using the same feed, it was the commentary accompanying the visuals that was the deciding factor. The ultimate celebrity interviewer, Barbara Walters, was professional and relaxed providing background commentary along with the ABC team including co-host, Diane Sawyer, and Robin Roberts reporting direct from London. Very obvious why Barbara gets to interview all the VIP's world-wide: she's good. More than very good - at least in my humble opinion.

All the networks had reporters interviewing your ordinary folk lining the streets waiting and hoping for a glance at the newly weds. There were people who flew in from all over the planet from as far away as South America to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who excitedly explained that they were there to be part of history. All those people, many of whom slept for days in tents to get a good place, led me to wonder the bathroom situation. I mean, where did they - to put it in blunt terms - pee? I didn't see any porta-toilets, at least in camera range, but perhaps there were some hidden away behind trees or bushes or something. Still, that's a lot of people who had to relieve themselves, somewhere. Speaking of hygenic concerns and given the number of parade horses trotting along the streets, are royal horses toilet-trained, perchance, to avoid an embarrassing situation? But I digress.

The bride was resplendent in a stunning gown that suited her to a "T". As expected, female guest's hats were a cross section of personal statements including lots of feathers, flowers and shaky thingies. Some were actually visually nice while others were...interesting. Let's leave it at that Hopefully, the feathers were artificial.

One wonders what type of gifts they received. I mean, what does one give a couple with royal connections? A hand mixer? Coffee maker or a toaster? A gift certificate from Macy's or the British equivalent? Gift certificates are always a good option since recipients can buy what they need.

At one point I fell asleep but I'm not concerned since there will be wedding highlights on TV for the next couple of weeks. Probably longer. Tonight Queen Elizabeth is vacating the palace for the night, to the royal couple. That's a nice gesture. Then again, Prince Charles has set up a disco in the palace. Even a queen needs her sleep.

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