Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who is reading this?

Don't get me wrong - writing for me is like breathing in and breathing out. I love it. This blog and my five other blogs(!)(warning: shameless self-promotion) focusing on various subjects ranging from gardening, playwriting, rants, a funny romance soap opera, blah-blah...are a means in which to express my views on anything and everything and stimulate the creative side of my brain. However...today is one of those days in which I'm wondering: who's reading this? I mean, are there people 'out there' in cyberland who actually look forward to my updates?

The reason for my introspection is my daily look at the stats counter indicating the number of people dropping by to read the blogs and their country of origin. Perhaps I should have left well enough alone and eliminate the counter since it is giving me a complex. I'm of the belief that ignorance is bliss in some cases. Today for example and according to the counter, six - count 'em - six people have dropped by for a read on my piece about royal etiquette. You know - how to conduct oneself in case you're ever invited for tea with royalty. Go figure!

Furthermore, 29 live in the U.S., 11 are Canadian and 10 from Iran. Nine people from the UK, 6 from France, 2 from Australia, 2 from China, 2 from Germany, 2 from India and 2 from Malaysia. Let me make it perfectly clear that I'm thrilled that these people dropped by, for whatever reason. A reader is a reader is...

Still, it makes one (me) wonder why more people don't find my literary output - well - interesting.

My experience as a former columnist for a number of newspapers, has taught me what type of subjects people enjoy and move them to write letters or react generally. Politics is always popular and a hot subject, profiles of interesting people is another favorite and people enjoy seeing their names in print. As a blogger with a potential readership of millions, finding interesting subjects is a challenge so I write what hits my fancy at any particular moment or day.

Today, it's introspection day and pondering if it's all worth it in the end. Comments (when they're not spam) are always welcome but are few and far between. I suppose I continue because - really - writing is a compulsion and a habit I'm not prepared to break. I'm a communicator who loves sharing information and writing in my blogs is the perfect means in which to do this. Of course if anyone reading this wants to comment on any of my literary beau mots - that would make it even sweeter.

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Michael Fox said...

I am, dammit! Keep writing!