Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of goldfish racing, royal wedding TV watching menu options & other stuff

As a former caregiver of fish, both gold and tropical, there were times when I toyed with the idea of training a pair of angelfish to appear on TV to perform stupid pet tricks. Unfortunately, Frik and Frak (the fish) refused to be trained even when fish food was dangled within their sight range. Dreams of glory faded fast along with the acceptance that fish can't be trained. Maybe they have a rebellious nature - go know.

In any case, a Tacoma, Wash. bar that held gold fish races as a means of entertainment were forced to cancel this form of entertainment after receiving complaints from animals rights activists. Every Tuesday night the Harmon Tap Room would feature races in which cheap feeder fish from a pet store were "raced" down two 8-foot troughs. Racers guided the fish with squirt bottles.

According to the bartender, the fish were cared for when they weren't racing, but he admitted some did succumb. Not surprising. In my experience in fish raising, fish are prone to early death as in the day after adoption. In any case, following complaints, fish racing was replaced by beer pong.


Talk about money not going as far as it once did... In Northern India, an army of termites ate their way through 10 million rupees or $222,000 in currency note stored in a steel chest in a bank. The damaged money was discovered by the bank manager when he opened a reinforced room in an old bank building. Over time, the termites had damaged furniture and documents and police have registered a case of negligence against bank officials while the termites go off free and fatter for the experience.


This is one of those stories that makes one ask: "why?" A man in Connecticut poured -wait for it - $200 worth of gas on to a city street, after which he tried to sell the empty container to a scrap metal yard for $60. According to the owner of the scrap yard, the dump-ee dumped the fuel, which was dripping gas, as he drove up to the scrap yard. Most likely many people reading this would have been very happy to take the gaoline off his hands. Right? The dump-ee was charged with illegally dumping hazardous material. According to the dump-ee, he did it as a least resort after failing in efforts to sell it.


Royal wedding menu options?

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about what type of menu would be appropriate while watching the royal wedding on TV, if it's possible to get up that early. Perhaps tea and scones with heavy (or low-fat) cream and fresh strawberries or strawberry preserves...or crumpets with jam...some watercress sandwiches would be nice... I'm open for suggestions...

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