Monday, April 04, 2011

Whatcha watching on TV? Glad you asked

"So tell us Eleanor - what programs are you watching on TV these days?"

Glad you asked.

Well, as I've shared before in this blog, I'm watching this season's American Idol with the two new judges or whatever you want to call them. In my mind, anyway, the purpose of the trio is to select potential contestants and judge their singing talents accordingly. Having had reservations about the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, they have proven in my eyes to be kind of wishy-washy. While Ms Lopez is a good singer, her contribution to the show has been to wear gorgeous outfits for various designers who want their designer duds seen by the public. I have yet to see her wear the same outfit twice but then why should she if she has all the designers fighting to get their stuff out there. In as far as judging the singers, she rarely (if ever) has heavily criticized their singing, the reason for her having been chosen in the first place, one assumes. She does, however, have a nice smile and I like her makeup and hair.

New judge no. 2, Stephen Tyler, has a good voice and is an entertaining singer with a lot of charisma, however his judging is limited to praising...everyone. Rarely have I heard him utter any negative comments about the young singers and on occasion some of them have deserved negative criticism. He sort-of sits there looking somewhat bored. Relieve the man of his misery someone!

The Idol contestants on the whole are a cut above past seasons but it would add so much more to the show if somebody would tell them they sucked when their singing abilities...sucked. It will be interesting to see how Simon Cowell's "X" Factor fares against Idol and soon The Voice. The what?

In as far as Dancing With the Stars - what stars? Few of them are recognizable other than Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio, who I remember from The Karate Kid. Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard has some recognition but who are the rest? As a former - not current - viewer of the show, the nimble-footed professionals dancing with the not-so-nimble stars was an entertaining way to spend an hour. Somehow knowing that there are no...stars to speak of, I'm passing on the show.

Also enjoy watching:
Detroit 1-8-7 - great story lines and acting
Secret Millionaire - always great to see someone in the position to share money with those who can use it
V - love the vile Queen of Lizardness, Anna - so cold and...lizard-like
America's Got Talent - best thing that NBC could have done was to add Howie Mandel. A perfect fit for his personality
The Event - interesting at the beginning but slowly deteriorating into your 'seen that before' sci-fi series. It sure ain't no "Lost"!
Minute to Win It - tried watching the show for a minute but it didn't win me over Survivor - better this season but once Russell was voted off, it lost its appeal and is getting boring

So which programs is everyone watching?

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