Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To watch or not to watch the royal wedding. Decisions...decisions

Can't even believe that I'm writing this but I've been thinking further about the royal wedding. Perhaps I've been caught up in all the frenzy stirred up by the media and don't want to appear out of the loop, if, or more likely when, the topic is discussed. In particular, the issue focuses on whether or not to get up at 4 a.m. in the morning to watch the TV coverage. Logically, I could record the program to watch later at a decent hour but somehow live broadcasts are more exciting.

What is obvious is that all the TV networks have sent a team of reporters or high profile personalities to cover the event. I'm wondering how close they will actually get or will they be joining the throngs of people hoping to capture the event for posterity. Most likely and being that they have special privileges, they will acquire a special area specifically designated for media. Your ordinary Brits and visitors who flew in for the occasion are sleeping in tents to ensure that they have a secure place to watch the parade pass by.

On Thursday, Barbara Walters, who seems to have reached the "I'm a special person and get to meet all the important people!" status will be examining the home and life of Queen Elizabeth. What's there to look at? She's royal, likes hats, does an amazing hand wave and lives in palatial splendor. That should take five minutes but guaranteed it will be stretched out for an hour or more.

So in the event that I'll watch, I'm thinking whether or not to dress up for the event given the early hour. I mean, I could watch in night wear but it seems so uncivilized, not that anyone would know. Perhaps I'll settle for a pair of comfortable jeans, my favorite piece of wardrobe, a nice top and maybe - haven't decided yet - a hat. Seems that hats are "in" these days but I've always found that they leave a helmet head shape upon removal.

Also, what should I eat? There are some frozen crumpets in the freezer along with my favorite berry jam and a cup of boiling hot (not tepid) tea served from a teapot, a slice of lemon, optional, would be appropriate. Actually, some finger sandwiches would add that certain je ne sais quoi feel to the event. So many choices...

So this is my dilemma. My apologies to William Shakespeare: to wake or not to wake. That is the question. Mr. Shakespeare would understand.

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